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about our logo

swiftlet, which inhabits among precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs on seprated islands,builds its nest in narrow caves.
they fly all day long along the? coastline or islands to multiply? ,with little but strong wings. their nests,which resembles human ears, are built entirely from threads of their saliva for more than a month.and that’s how the valuable bird's nest soup come from.
jining carbon group,just like a indomitable swiftlet,with its factory built on the basis of a corn field, gets stronger by accumulating experience in the competitive market.after more than 20 years of development,it has become an enterprise group of a dozen joint ventures,with more than 3000 employees,and annual profit and tax of more than 100 million yuan from a small factory with dozens of employees.
in the spirite of “developing our corporation,enriching ourselves,contributing to the society”,which is learned from swiftlet,our staff will achieve more splendid goals and bright future

our logo consists of the acronym of ji ning tan su(chinese name of jining carbon),and represents a swiftlet spreading its wings.
the operating concept of development:

enterprise spirit : develop enterprise,enriching ourselves and contributing to the society
enterprise guideline : to expand market with new products, to occupy market with low-cost, to win the market with good quality
enterprise thought : the achievements and shortcomings have been passed , start from begining facing reality
enterprise development strategy : making innovation and doing finer and larger
enterprise philosophy : reputation is the continuation of our lives, the quality is what we are focusing on for whole life
enterprise cor ability: powerful technical team contributing to researchment and development of carbon material for aluminum electrolysis
20 items of spirit of philosophy

1 、"take care of workers ,respect for labor" can not be change
2、the concept of "market is the first" can not be changed
3、"establishing a sense of crisis and creat a crisis atmosphere" can not be changed
4、"both international market and domestic market are absolute needed , the international market is top priority" can not be changed
5、"the quality is the first" can not be changed
6、"life safety is no small matter" can not be changed
7、"constantly improve the mechanism of competition" can not be changed
8、"keep sciene and technology in advance" can not be changed
9、"pay attention to environment" can not be changed
10、"innovation managerment,improving efficiency" can not be changed 
11、" to promote thrift, to reduce cost" can not be changed
12、"emphasis on the result of the work, even emphasis on the process of the work" can no be changed
13、" to establish good image and honor promises: can not be changed
14、"attention to the corporate culture, improve the quality of laborer" can not be changed
15、"to emphasize the brand" can not be changed
16、"selecting and appointing capable people" can not be changed
17、"insist on auditing and making up holes" can not be changed
18、"performance appraisal , keep different for better and bad performance" can not be changed
19、"protect technique,protect talent and prevent talent outflow" can not be changed
20、"persist in the talent mechanism of internal training , and external employing ,internal selection and external training" can not be changed.
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