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 the open ceremony of jiaxian chenxiang small-sum loan company held in jiaxiang hotel on august 6, 2010 mr.wei yudong the deputy mayor of jining , mr.zhang shengxian the director of development and reform commission of jining city , mr.pang xinfeng the president of the bank of china jining branch,  directors of jining financial office, directors of jiaxing county’s governmental departments, mr gong zhen the secretary of jining party committee , mr. gong maosen the vice secretary , qingyi and so on attended the ceremony. chenxiang small-sum loan company with registered capital of 50 million rmb is the first small-sum loan company in jiaxiang and the fourth one in jining city. the establishing of this company is a sign of that jining carbon group has already stepped into financial business, and got a big success with cultivating and  developing new business.
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