jining chenguang meibo chemical co., ltd. was established on may 7, 2008. it is located in the north carbon chenguang park, nianlipu town, rencheng district, jining city, covering an area of 31284m2. it is a modern coal tar deep processing enterprise invested and established by jining carbon group, with a registered capital of 80 million yuan. there is currently a 200000 ton/year tar processing and production unit. in february 2020, the safety production license was issued for the second time. in 2020, due to a change in the main person in charge, the safety production license was also changed [certificate no.: (lu) wh anxu zheng zi (2020) 080163].
according to the "catalogue of hazardous chemicals" (2015 edition), the hazardous chemicals involved in the 200000 ton/year coal tar processing and production equipment of the company include tar, liquid alkali, light oil (referring to crude benzene), naphthalene, cb oil (referring to asphalt), wash oil, sodium phenolate (referring to sodium phenolate), asphalt, and natural gas.
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